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Resilience.  Integrity.  Determination. Excellence.

Upcoming Dates

Guardian Angels

September 1 – Homecoming Mum Sales Active
September 28 – GHS vs Elgin (Away) 
October 4 – GHS vs Weiss (Bible)
October 12 – GHS vs Cedar Creek (Away)
October 19 – Homecoming Hooplah/Game  vs East View (Bible)
October 24/25 – iDance (Leander HS)
GHS Guardians Instagram
  • Happy Homecoming Week! Thanks for joining us and toughing out our rainy parade! #feederlove #hoco2018 #ghs #tigerettes #guardians
  • Last chance to buy a mum is tonight at the Homecoming parade! Don’t be caught without a mum!
  • Instagram Image

Don’t be caught without a mum! We are selling kits at the Homecoming parade! Last chance! ghsguardians photo

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